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  • Let me first start by saying they have the best customer service ever!!! This app is phenomenal! They promptly respond to any questions and/or ideas you may have. They even gave me new ways to use the app!


    Cierra Tate Williams

    CEO, Sheerstrutshoes

  • App works like magic. The customer service team delivered great service with a quick response and solution. Recommend you to give it a go!


    Ridwan Awosanya

    Founder, Mannix Knight

  • Since I have added this App, my sales on mobile devices have gone through the roof. I think that Clients really appreciate the ease with which they can not only shop, but also stay in touch with me. Thanks Apptuse!



    Co-founder, Prom Jewelry

  • The customer support is amazing. I asked if they had an option to customize the text message sent to customers, and within 48 hours I got a reply saying that they have now added the functionality. I'd recommend this app to everyone!


    Abhay Bajaj

    Director, Cyankart

  • First of all, Apptuse is one of the best designed apps in the market today, and I can say this after having dealt with Martmobi, mooncode and simicart! Second, I love your customer support team. They are prompt and extremely helpful.


    Paul Twum

    Founder, El Gusto Canario

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