The smartphone plays a key role throughout the day for the targeted on-the-go customers, and so businesses now need to be an active participant in mobile marketing. In fact, mobile apps plays a key role in gaining a competitive advantage with mobile-shoppers.


Geofencing is a technology that defines virtual boundary around real-world geographical area. It is not a new concept, but as our society becomes increasingly mobile, developers and enterprises are realizing the added value that Geofencing can bring to their businesses in terms of increasing ROI on marketing campaigns, driving traffic and therefore sales. An app can simply obtain consent to access location as a part of a normal SMS campaign and then use Geofencing to push location-relevant notifications and messages.

Geo Fencing

For example, Brother’s on the Blvd, a retail store with a mobile app powered by Apptuse can trigger a text message with the offer for the week to an opt-in customer when the customer enters a defined geographical area. To maximise usage, they could define this geographical area to be a 5 mile radius around their store.

Behavioral targeting

Behavioral targeting is the technique used to increase the effectiveness of campaigns through information collected on an individual’s browsing behavior. This technique helps deliver online advertisements to the users who will be more interested in them. Behavioral data can also be combined with other user information such as purchase history to create a more complete user profile. This targeted experience will naturally be more interesting to a user and provide an improved visitor experience.


With the mobile coupon redemption rate being 10x than traditional coupons, it is an advantage that should be used by businesses who let their customers shop on their native mobile apps. The mobile coupons are convenient to bookmark and redeem for consumers.

Through behavioral targeting, it is easier to gain new insights as who is interested in what products. Conversions skyrocket when merchants combine mobile loyalty services with mobile coupons. The fact that by the end of 2014 more than 50 million consumers will be using mobile only coupons is a strong reason to start giving them out yourself, if you haven’t already.

The benefits of leveraging Geofencing coupled with behavioral targeting and coupons will provide promising results. This is a win for the customer, and for the merchant, facilitated by their mobile app!