4 Ways to Increase Mobile App Retention
December 16, 2014

Now that you have your app published and entered the app market world, the next big thing for you is how to keep your users engaged with the app. The number of apps available is crazy. Just think for a moment, how many apps do you have in your smartphone and how many of them […]

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Push Notifications vs. Emails
December 9, 2014

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Just as the internet allowed savvy marketers to go from sending direct mails to emails, the rise of mobile economy is permitting marketers to engage with customers directly on their phones and in a much more personal way through push notifications. Same stuff, Different screens! At first, push notifications might […]

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Tips to Perfecting Mobile Customer Experience
December 3, 2014

With our growing need to become more mobile than ever, it’s no surprise that mobile device sales are going through the roof. More and more brands are taking mobile commerce by storm, offering both mobile applications and mobile-optimized sites to their customers. But as mobile shopping sites and apps increase in popularity, customer expectations are […]

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8 Mistakes to avoid when designing your app
November 24, 2014

Now-a-days everyone is coming up with mobile apps to promote their business. Creating a mobile app involves putting in a lot of thoughts regarding design, structure and user experience. Skipping on any of these may prove to be fatal. Avoid the following pitfalls while designing your mobile app: 1. Migrating from web to mobile without redesigning […]

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New Feature: Push Notifications
October 8, 2014

Our ultimate goal is to not only get your customers to install your app, but also to use it frequently. To ensure this Apptuse is introducing the push notification feature. Your notifications will look like this Where will it appear? You can access the Push Notifications feature under the Audience tab in your admin panel. […]

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90 Resources To Learn A New Skill
September 25, 2014

One of the best ways to make yourself marketable and happy is to learn a new skill, and the internet has made the learning process much easier. If you want to start doing it right away, which are the websites that will help you learn a new skill everyday? We set out and collated a list […]

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7 ways to Optimize your Mobile Strategy
September 4, 2014

To make good decisions about mobile, you need to know how your audience is trying to ‘reach’ you online. The customers start their journey looking for you on their mobile browsers. If you don’t have a mobile optimized site, you are already missing out the audience. If you have your mobile optimized site, it’s time […]

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Metrics for measuring the success of a mobile app
August 28, 2014

At one time counting the number of downloads was sufficient to evaluate the success of an app, but that’s no longer the case. Download numbers do not necessarily reflect the actual number of people using the app. Here are a few metrics that can help examine the success of your app. Let’s have a look […]

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5 Ways to Boost your Shopping Cart Conversion Rates on Mobile
August 26, 2014

E-commerce and M-commerce are at an all-time high now. In the past few years there has been a steep rise in the online transactions. The difficult part is to prevent them from abandoning the transaction. Cart abandonment happens due to many reasons, we show you a few ways to decrease this. Here are a few […]

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5 reasons to focus on M-Commerce
August 21, 2014

Smartphones have made shoppers smarter than ever and tablets offer a rich shopping environment. Business owners need to understand what m-commerce can do for their businesses. Here are a few reasons why mobile commerce is the right approach for your organization in the long-term: Convenient shopping across all devices As of today, a quarter of […]

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