Apptuse App Localization
Free Localization and Multi-Lingual capabilities for your app
April 20, 2016

Market accessibility is a serious barrier to success that every mobile app faces the second it touches the marketplace. Apptuse lowers language barriers so that any mobile app, built anywhere and by anyone can serve a global demand and address an international audience. We offer a plug-n-play solution to user experience localization, and can literally […]

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Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing
Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing
April 13, 2016

In today’s world, there is nothing that social media cannot help you with. We don’t have a choice whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it. Most of us are aware that we can create our own Facebook page, name it and post things for our business/personal use. What we […]

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Twitter marketing apptuse
Twitter Marketing with a twist
March 31, 2016

Twitter is a powerful social network to improve your brand, find content ideas, and connect with people who can help you grow your business. Here are some interesting Twitter marketing techniques other than using hashtags, speaking with followers, etc. that will help you improve marketing for your company on Twitter. Tweak your Tweet Layout Use […]

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wholesale living app download page
Beautiful App Landing pages
March 1, 2016

We are launching a new feature today which will let you easily share your app with others.
Once your app is published, Apptuse now generates beautiful customised App landing pages for you. This page has all your brand information, your logo, screenshots and even your app download links. This page makes it super simple to share your app with everyone.

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64% consumers favor mobile apps over mobile websites. Here’s why?
July 6, 2015

The internet is a huge spectrum of market opportunity for many businesses to establish their brand. Consumers are moving towards mobility and turning these audiences into sales leads is a simple task that requires no more tools than just mobile app and mobile website for users to access. Small-business owners often believe that mobile apps […]

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Apptuse musicians home page
Why musicians should have their own mobile app
June 15, 2015

Why would an established or an upcoming musician need an app? answering that question with “Well, that’s what everyone else is doing” simply isn’t good enough. Apple sees this as a great opportunity and is looking at launching Apple Music. Apptuse, on the other hand, is looking at this problem differently. We realise that there […]

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native apps apptuse
15 things Flipkart needs to do win the App-Only battle
May 1, 2015

With the cost of owning a smartphone with 3G and 4G data options and Wi-Fi access around us reducing drastically, mobile users are set to be the next significant set of connected “customers”. The changing technology landscape is a great opportunity for retail brands to customise and personalise the experience for their users. From a […]

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Infographic: 64% mobile shoppers prefer mobile apps
April 21, 2015

The world is on the move and where you stand in this ever changing world is very important. So gear up to win the race! Mobile commerce is the next frontier, get your own app now! Subscribe to Apptuse’s Blog Join 5000+ fellow e-commerce merchants! Get Apptuse’s latest marketing articles straight to your inbox. Enter […]

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Apptuse now supports Shopify and Google Wallet Integration
April 10, 2015

Shopify released the Google Wallet integration for all its US merchants, yesterday. This is an excellent step ahead for all merchants because Most traffic to online stores now comes from smartphones and tablets. We are happy to announce that Apptuse has now released full support for this features for all Shopify merchants. So if you are […]

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Why is it Important to Acquire Right Mobile User?
March 25, 2015

Today mobile is ruling the world. Mobile phones have become an extension to our lives and life without them now seems inconceivable. There are apps for almost everything. We are indeed living in the planet of apps! On this planet acquiring the right kind of users is critical. Unfortunately, most developers are approaching user acquisition […]

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