Optimized search now possible with Smart Search

Tue May 03, 2016 in   Web Design

Ever tried to search for a particular product on an app but couldn’t find it because you didn’t remember the exact name of the product? Happens to the best of us. Which is why Apptuse has come up with an advanced Smart Search.


Smart Search is an advanced search engine that allows you to search for any keyword related to the product and gives you quick results with the inputs. It also picks out words that may be included in the product description, which makes it even more easier for you to search for any product that you might have viewed just once.


How it works?

Smart Search delves deep into the characters included in the product’s name, description, etc. That is, it makes a really quick search when you type for a product name or a keyword. It basically optimizes the keywords and gives you everything you can relate with the keyword that you search with. Eg: If you wish to search for black bags, it will show you products that have the word ‘bags’, and ‘black’ in either its description, name or features. Like in the picture above, the product ‘butterfly heels’ have a word ‘feminine’ in their description. Which is why Smart Search shows you the product even when you look up for ‘feminine’.

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How do you activate it?

We’re saving you the trouble here! Our new feature is available by default on all our existing user’s apps when updated.

How does this benefit your app?

Smart Search lets users search using any keyword, which in turn makes the search engine we provide really efficient in looking up for products related to the keywords entered in your store. That way users can check out other products related to that keyword and are likely to buy the product if it interests them. The more people click on a specific product, the more other users can engage with the product. Thus bringing the product which could be left out because of not appearing when searched and then could become one of the most viewed item on your application store.