Migrating from Shopo to Apptuse

Thu Feb 09, 2017 in   , , , , , Web Design

Need to migrate your online store from Shopo? We’ve got you covered with our Shopo migration solution. We will help you set up a new online store, integrate your existing payment gateway and also set you up with logistics providers. Want to bring your existing inventory from Shopo to Apptuse, we have a team on hand to help you do the same. Here are the steps to get started

  1. Create your Apptuse Account - Signing up with Apptuse is easy and takes less than a minute. No credit card required.
  2. Follow the steps, choose a store name, add your details and sign up.
  3. Once your are on the dashboard, click on “Add Online Store” to set up your store.
  4. Once you store is  set up, click on the Products tab so you can start adding products individually or bulk upload via csv.
  5. Once your store has the products set up, go live immediately. We will also make mobile apps for your store which you can share with your customers.

Additional Features to Explore Now that you are using Apptuse, there are many more features that your store has:

  • Your ecommerce store also gives you your own mobile app which your customers can download
  • You can also sell in person by using the Apptuse POS on your phone.
  • You can sell on multiple marketplaces from this same platform

To read about more features, benefits and testimonials, please visit our Shopo migration page Additionally, we are rolling out a Free 60 day plan to help you set up and run your own store. Use coupon code “SHOPO”