Deep Linking - Let’s get redirected!

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We all receive notifications through apps, which when clicked on, take us to the intended page instead of the app’s home page. Wondered how that happens. It takes place through something called ‘Deep Linking’.

Deep Linking refers to how the links for an app that notifies the user about certain things work. They are links that take you to a specific page, basically a call-to-action push notification, that redirects you to the mentioned page, rather than the home page of an app or a website.

How does it work?

Push notifications contain a URL apart from the content. The URL may not be visible, but that is what works on redirecting you to the mentioned page/link. When the user swipes the notification, it disappears from the notification bar. But when you open the app, you get the notification on the app. This happens because the notification had been ignored earlier.

How will this help your app?

People get notifications when they have installed your app. That means their app is active on the phone even if it’s not being used. Deep Linking helps to increase traffic on your app and let users know if there’s something new going on in the app.

Example, if you have an app that sells books, and you need to inform users that there’s a discount of 50% on all books by Sydney Sheldon, you can enable a push notifications for the same. If you are an apparel trader, and you have a new collection to inform customers about, you can add a message to be sent as a push notification that contains the URL. Similarly, if you add a new feature to your app, you can come up with creative ways to send a push notification. All these notifications sent to the customers/users redirect them to the intended page of the application.

How to enable deeplinking with Apptuse?

Apptuse Deep Linking

In the title dialogue box, you enter the title for your push notification. Then enter a short message in the message box. You can also add custom images or sounds to your notification to make it look more appealing to your users. You have an option of whether or not to include images or sound but that’s not the same with deep link. Deep link has to be added to enable the notification.

Now that we know how this works, why not get started with Apptuse?