April 10, 2015

Apptuse now supports Shopify and Google Wallet Integration

Shopify released the Google Wallet integration for all its US merchants, yesterday. This is an excellent step ahead for all merchants because Most traffic to online stores now comes from smartphones and tablets.

We are happy to announce that Apptuse has now released full support for this features for all Shopify merchants. So if you are a Shopify merchant based in the US and you activate Google Wallet as a payment option, it will be automatically visible within your native app built with Apptuse. Go ahead and try it. (If you still don’t have your own mobile app, click here to get one now)

Why accepting payments with Google Wallet is a great idea

Google Wallet offers a convenient and trusted checkout method to your customers . There are no additional fees on top of your regular credit card rate. In fact, your transactions and payouts will continue to be processed by your credit card gateway.

If you are a Shopify merchant operating in the USA, you can add Buy with Google buttons to your cart and checkout pages.

If you want more information on how to do this, please refer to the Shopify blog.


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In case you are wondering how this will look to your customer, please see the image that Shopify has made below


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